Thursday, 5 February 2009


I published a paper, I think in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology, entitled 'How High Are the Clouds'. It was fun to find myself then, in a completely new professional incarnation at a conference on Cloud computing on Monday and Tuesday this week. Powered by the Cloud was its name.
Despite the snow a few people made the trip to Millbank and for me it provided a glimpse of where the computing hardware industry is going.
The vision is to make computing power a bit like money or electricity (especially in that there will probably analogous issues of 240/120v, USD/GBP, European US plugs, etc).
A pure commodity that can be bought, sold and exchanged in an automated market place, allowing businesses to expand and contract without the fixed cost of investment in computing assets.

This Blog will track my thoughts as I try to get a handle on the impact of this and other (probably randomly selected) technological changes to my world.

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